Black Pants

Blackpants is the world's premier supplier of bleach-resistant Salon Workwear. Blackpants offers the industry high end, quality tailored garments. All designs are distinctly unique and reflect the edgy aesthetic consistent with the Blackpants brand.

All Blackpants garments are designed to be worked in, cut wider across the shoulders for maximum movement and comfort. Manufactured in Blackpants own Stayblack textiles, all garments are non fade, hair repellant, and wash & wear, while also being resistant to make up and waxes.

Blackpants are the creators of the Intelligent Legging. Designed to be worn like everyday leggings, however boast a number of key health benefits. Using graduated compression, the intelligent leggings improve leg circulation, reduce swelling and assist in preventing varicose veins. Ergonomically designed panels stabilize the core, supporting the lower back, while also slimming and shaping.

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