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Nail innovation through nail tech advancement.

That’s the motto Aprés Nail was founded under in 2015. We knew that by focusing on the nail professionals and discovering what could help push their careers forward, we would naturally create innovative and groundbreaking products. Aprés was the first on the market with the world’s first full coverage soft gel nail extension system—a revolutionary system that helps nail techs save time, earn more, and create beautiful nails. And as we’ve expanded, we’ve continued to push the envelope with our product range from our expertly crafted Aer Gel System to our special range of Color Extend Gel to our collaborations with cutting edge nail artists, creating new Gel-X shapes and lengths every season. At Aprés, we are committed to always innovating new products that redefine what soft gel technology and extensions can do.

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Aprés Gel-X Dreamy Pink Gold Design