Please note: this event takes place in Eastern Standard Time.

1:35pm-1:50pm EST

Boost Your Business with Precision Cutting, Cole Thompson, Hattori Hanzo

This session will help you return to the salon with new ideas and a complete and in-depth understanding of techniques! Join Cole Thompson as he breaks down precision cutting, to its purest form, allowing for high absorption of material. This session is a must for any stylists at all levels!

1:50pm - 2:05pm EST 

Why You are Worth Raising Your Prices, Zan Ray & Tom Collins, Elevating My Business

What supports your SELF-WORTH as a beauty industry professional? This session will explore some of the factors that influence and build your SELF-WORTH including: self exploration and discovery, finding your REAL WHY for being a beauty professional, awareness of your limiting beliefs, replacing those limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs that enhance your SELF-WORTH, and empowering practices that continue to build your SELF-WORTH.

2:05pm - 2:10pm EST Sponsor Highlight

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2:10pm-2:25pm EST

The Highlight Strategy that Works on Everyone, Marco Pelusi, Marco Pelusi Hair Studio

Renowned celebrity haircolorist, Marco Pelusi, will teach his signature approach to highlighting during this session! Marco’s clean and simple technique tackles the pitfalls faced when clients want any kind of dimension in their hair color. It’s a technique that can be applied to every single highlight you will do behind the chair. Marco will demonstrate where to place the highlights in relation to the scalp area, the best highlight placement, and most importantly, his signature bricklay technique. This is one workshop serious haircolorists can’t afford to miss!


2:25pm-2:40pm EST

Un.Done-Texture-Building, Christina Carlsson, Amika

Contrary to the untrained eye, the model-off-duty effortless look isn’t as effortless as it seems. A variety of texture building techniques are used to create the natural shapes and lasting organic volume for those perfectly imperfect sexy hair pics flooding your timelines. This course focuses on building texture with setting techniques for looks ranging from the loosest waves to the tiniest coils. We’ll cover the steps used in our advanced iron work methods and proper product placement techniques for all hair types.

2:40pm - 2:45pm EST Sponsor Highlight

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2:45pm-3:00pm EST

Your Business, Your Rules, Jaime Schrabeck, Precision Nails

Do your clients expect special treatment or free services? Do they respect your professional opinion and time? How do you handle no shows? Take control of your salon business by developing and enforcing your own rules.

• Manage your clients with sensible and clearly written salon policies.
• Eliminate bad behavior before it becomes habit.
• Make your work more enjoyable and profitable.

3:00pm-3:15pm EST

Calm: Simple Tips to Manage Stress, Natasha Bhalla, IBS Beauty Shows

For the past 10 months, beauty pros have been stressed out and struggling. While we can't control everything in our lives and environments, we can use tools and techniques to help us manage. During this session, Natasha will show you some simple and easy ways to manage your stress. The techniques you learn will help calm your mind and body and will help you better handle everything going on in the world.