Please note: this event takes place in Eastern Standard Time.

1:30pm-1:50pm EST

Viral Braids with Naeemah Lafond, amika

Ever wish you could recreate all those hot braids flooding your timeline? If so, don't miss this session! Naeemah will teach you how to re-create and deconstruct insta-famous looks “from the crown.” This simplified yet intense learning experience will leave you ready to take your skills to the next level. From accent braids and tribal inspired looks to statement braids, these advanced looks are easily customizable and photo-ready, guaranteed to get you likes.

1:50pm-1:55pm EST Sponsor Highlight

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1:55pm - 2:10pm EST 

Financial Fitness - How to Grow During Uncertain Times with Steve Gomez,
Steve Gomez Business Coaching

Uncertain times call for certain leadership! This is especially true from a financial perspective. Taking tones from his book Financial Fitness, salon/spa industry business coach Steve Gomez will support you to focus on where you should spend your time and specific key performance indicators to grow your business in this climate. 

Steve will share:
- How to grow color & add on treatments
- Increase new clients & their retention
- Promotions to drive retail & rebooking
- How to replace a day & make even more money

2:10pm - 2:15pm EST Sponsor Highlight

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2:15pm-2:30pm EST

The Money Piece™ Everyone Wants with Kristen Linares, Product Club

The trend of face-framing highlights has evolved from subtle sparkle to in-your-face to bold chunks over the years. As of now we are entering a time where we are referring to these highlights as “The Money Piece” as trademarked by Sunlights Balayage. The on-trend “Money Piece” is influenced by the strong ribbons of color we saw in the 90s. In order to create a modern version of this look it’s important we understand how to recreate and also keep from recreating the same exact look. During this session, Kristen will teach you the cause and effect of foil and balayage placement, subtle and bold placement, and how to accent the clients part and texture of hair. Get ready to feel completely confident anytime your clients ask you to create this trending look!

2:30pm-2:35pm EST Sponsor Highlight

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2:35pm-2:50pm EST

3D Roundbraid Updo with Stephanie Hodges, Stephhstyles

Learn Stephanie's approach to styling new salon guests, building foundations, and simplifying complicated designs. Stephanie will teach a 3D Roundbraid Updo and will also share her favorite tools and products for creating these looks!

2:55pm-3:10pm EST

Texture for All with Todd Tinnel, Dyson

Everybody loves texture! Whether you’re embracing a client's or model’s natural texture, building extra texture into the look you’re creating, or wanting to master that “undone” organic flow, we’ve got you covered in this fun, multi-faceted, something-for-every-texture styling session guaranteed to deliver plenty of tips and tricks you can use for crafting your next piece of hair art in the salon or on-location! This class will feature Dyson Supersonic™ and Corrale™ Professional styling tools.

3:10pm-3:15pm EST

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